Do you accept and deliver orders nation-wide?

With the present internet technology, it doesn’t matter anymore where you live in the Philippines. Whether you live in the farthest part of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao as long as you have access on the internet, you can order our coffee products through our website. Just make sure that your delivery location has the presence of either LBC, J & t, or JAS Intermodal. If one or more of our logistics partners are present in your area, then you are assured that the coffee product/s that you ordered from our website will arrive within our delivery lead-time.

How to order coffee products from your website?

The order process is seamless and simple. Go to the website “Store”, to select the coffee product/s that you want. Once the list of products are displayed, select the product/item and press on the “Add to Cart” button. Check and verify the Item Qty, and price, then click the “Check-out” button, then fill-up the necessary information in the form, and press on the “Place Order” button to complete your order.

How do I know that my order is received?

One of our Customer Support Staff will call you to confirm the details of your order, particularly the shipping and delivery location. Once everything is confirmed, this will immediately be processed for fulfillment and delivery schedule by our last-mile logistics partner.

What payment methods are supported by CoffeeSmiley? supports the “Order Now – Pay Later” post-order payment scheme. Or simply put, Cash-On-Delivery. Meaning, all coffee products you ordered on our website will immediately be processed upon confirmation of your shipping and delivery location. Payment will only be collected when you actually receive the products. 

How can I avail a Free Shipping if I order from this website?

It’s very simple and no hassle. Free Shipping promo is automatically granted to all orders amounting to P1,500.00 and above. So make sure that each time you order coffee products from this website, always hit the P1,500.00 total amount of your order to avail of the Free Shipping promo.

Do you have other promo or discounts?

Yes, offer Deals and Promos from time-to-time. Whenever we have Deals and Promo campaign, this is prominently published and posted in our website. Hence, make sure to regularly visit website to be aware of this information ahead of the other shoppers.

Do you also offer Exclusive Deals and Promo?

The answer is a Big YES!

We have Deals and Promo exclusively offered to Coffee Smiley customers. When you order coffee products from this website, please make sure to provide your email address and contact numbers in the form you fill-in. Further, please make sure to check the “Create Account” box before you check out.

Exclusive Deals and Promo will be sent to you via the contact numbers and email address that you have provided when you ordered coffee products from this website.

Who are your last-mile-delivery partners and can they be trusted?

We partnered with logistics companies who have been in the industry for years, to make sure that our commitment to fast, efficient, and reliable delivery services will be met. Our logistics partners are:

LBC Express – website:
JAS Intermodal – website:
J&T Express – website:

What is your standard delivery lead-time?

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our standard delivery lead-time is affected particularly those areas with strict rules of lock-down. However, we do our best to meet the 3 – 7 days delivery lead-time despite these issues and challenges.

How to track orders from supported logistics partners?

Tracking code will be sent to you thru text and/or email. You can use the tracking code to track your order on our logistics partners respective website.

You can also track your order on our CoffeeSmiley website through this link.:

What is your Return and Refund policy?

Please read our return and refund policy in this link.

Do you accept Reseller?

Yes. Just let us know if you want to make money as a reseller of these coffee products. Please contact us by phone or email, so we can discuss.


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